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Prepare for your special day with private, 1-on-1 lessons over Skype, FaceTime, Phone, and now Zoom.



What Does Nachas Offer?

The full Nachas prep course takes 6-18 months to complete, depending on student background, learning style, and goals. Topics typically covered include:

  • Hebrew reading

  • Structure of the Shabbat and/or weekday service

  • Haftarah and Torah trop

  • Preparation of D’var Torah


Nachas's coaching and review service helps students develop and implement practice strategies. It's a great way to polish up Haftarah, Torah reading, other parts of the service. We'll even offer feedback on ideas for the D’var Torah.         

Both youth and adults who are not typical learners can benefit from a personalized learning plan. Goals are variable and adapted to the individual strengths and challenges of every student. Lessons focus on individual needs of students rather than a predetermined curriculum. 

You're an adult and you've decided it's time to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Nachas lets you build your own program:

  • ​Personalized curriculum, depending on level of Hebrew, familiarity with Shabbat services, time commitment

  • Usually focus on developing comfort and familiarity with participation, rather than tackling a long section of text

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