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Coaching & Last-Minute Review

The date is fast approaching and your kid is not feeling ready. Maybe she hasn't been practicing enough. Maybe he and the teacher didn't click. You, the parent, don't want to make a high-pressure situation even more awkward for a 13 year-old, but you have neither the time nor the background to provide much feedback. (Kind of like algebra homework, only moreso!) 


Nachas's coaching service helps students develop and implement practice strategies. It's a great way to polish up Haftarah, Torah reading, other parts of the service. We'll even help revise and complete the D’var Torah.


Whether you sign up for a series of 3 or 4 weekly review sessions, a final week dress rehearsal, or a longer-term review course, Nachas will help set you and your kid at ease. The goal is to build confidence through repetition and positive feedback. 

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