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Students with Special Needs

Let's face it: not all students learn the same way, and conventional bar and bat mitzvah classes are rarely taught by instructors with experience meeting special needs. Nachas is the answer. 

Learning Disabilities

For students who struggle with reading their primary language, or have difficulty with memorization, mastering enough Hebrew for a bar/bat mitzvah can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Serving as the primary tutor or as an intermediary between you and your rabbi, Nachas can work with you to develop a modified curriculum for your child, redefine the scope of their participation in the service, and work tirelessly with them to ensure that with sufficient practice, they will shine on their big day.

ADHD or Similar Conditions

Nachas sessions are typically 50 minutes held weekly, but some students do not focus well for that length of time. We can take breaks during lesson time and resume. Maybe your child would benefit from twice weekly short lessons, or would do better with longer sessions spaced farther apart. We can make any of those things work. 


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