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What's NACHAS and what does it have to do with Bar and Bat Mitzvah?

Nachas (nachat/נחת) is a Hebrew word that entered Yiddish. It means "pride or satisfaction."


Nachas is almost always used to describe the pride that parents and grandparents feel when they watch their kids doing something special—like reading Torah, chanting Haftarah, or delivering an insightful commentary that relates their portion to the news of the day. 

In short, Nachas is what a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is all about! 


Who's Jerry Sorokin?

Jerry has been tutoring Bar and Bat Mitzvah students of all ages for over 25 years. A long-time professional in the Jewish community, Jerry regularly reads Torah, leads services, and delivers sermons in synagogues of many denominations.

Carrying Torah Scrolls

Why choose Nachas Tutoring?

  • get anything from a full course of lessons to supplementary coaching to last-minute review

  • suitable for people affiliated with any denomination—or none at all

  • works with all levels of Hebrew knowledge and synagogue experience

  • understand the readings and prayers so that the experience is more meaningful for everyone

  • personalized curriculum to meet students' special needs

  • flexibility appropriate to adult bar/bat mitzvah prep

Jerry not only taught me what I needed to leyn my Torah portion & haftorah; with his great attention to detail, patience, and deep knowledge, Jerry taught me how to read trope notes. Thanks to him, I can leyn from text, without trope-training software or other assistance, and prepare Torah & haftorah readings on my own.

Emily—Jew by Choice; Adult Student

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